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Oh, uck.

'Til now they've been keeping a low profile, creeping along occasionally next to the wall. I'd find one every three or four days. Yesterday I found four in a ten minute period, then another two when I got home five hours later - this morning I step out of bed to turn off the alarm clock and there's two boogeying (or the buggy equivalent of boogeying) around next to the nightstand, right next to my bed, out in the open and everything. Have they no sense of public decency? (No, probably not.)

And then for the first time I saw one near the wall on the other side of the bed, nearer the closet, so of course I had to empty everything but the dresser from the closet to see if they'd also moved into that wall. (Report: found two on outer edges. Nothing further in. Think am safe, probably. Still keeping shoes/bags elsewhere.) They're living in the walls, I'm pretty sure.

I'm being invaded. Make them go away. >.<

Will go and shudder for fixing-man's benefit. Or somebody's. Leaks I can deal with. But. Buuuuugsinmyhouse.

EDIT: Caught one. Looked it up. Is apparently a sowbug. And apparently they're not going to eat the walls, or the carpets, or my bed, or my clothes. Um. Yay? Except the only way to discourage them is to keep things dry. Hah. *scorn*

Y'know? If they'd stay in the goddamned wall, I'd be perfectly happy to let them be. But the little bastards keep wandering about. Seriously. I keep having these conversations with various buggy-things about how if they don't get in my face, I will not kill them. Do they ever listen? Why can't they go live in the compost? Outside? It's just as warm and there's certainly more to eat...

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