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I came home (in Ridge), and on the buffet there was a letter. From Douglas College. And thinking I had gotten all my form mail from them for this semester, I opened it with some puzzlement.

Dear Arien:

On behalf of the Douglas College Scholarship and Bursary Selection Committee, I am pleased to inform you that you have been awarded the Environmental Programs Bursary in the amount of $700...



Wow. Just. Wow. *beam* I really only did the big general application form. I didn't apply for anything specific, and... hee. I think I have Dr. Noah to thank for this. At least I *think* he's still on the selection committee. :)

(See? Being a more-or-less-socially-responsible person *does* get you places.)

Okay. Must write thank you letter now, as they seem to be soliciting one.

...and again: wow. ^.^

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