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Life lesson: Always smile at old ladies walking their dogs. They almost always smile back.

It's funny - no matter what the weather outside or the time of year, inside David Lam is almost always intolerably warm for at least fifteen minutes after arrival.

I went to my science class and it's all dark and empty. I'm only about eight minutes early... it's strange. Unless there's something going on that I don't know about. And I don't have the syllabus with me. I suppose I should check back, now. I need to hand in my field trip report (which I got done on time, this time, and everything). o.O

And then I'm skipping out to go see The Corporation with dianahobart at Tinseltown, because I want to see it, and I don't care. I am embittered toward the post-secondary system today in general (or maybe just Douglas, mostly) for its abyssmal failure to notify me about Noam Chomsky in time to actually get tickets. Grr. So I will punish them with my absence for today. Except Sociology, which isn't 'til 4pm.

Okay. Going to check science class again, now. Nadja? Will see you at Stadium around twenty-past.

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