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Illusion charms make your eyes itch.

(Just post-POA)

Remus couldn't quite believe it.

Actually, he supposed he really should have *expected* it, but it was still a surprise when he turned his head to see Sirius standing in the doorway.

Remus was frozen, his wand out in front of him out of reflex - he'd had it out and raised in less than a moment just on hearing the scrape in the hallway. Now he was frozen, and he hadn't
even gotten up from the chair. He was twisted sideways rather uncomfortably and he thought that maybe he should move, but couldn't make himself actually do it.

Sirius seemed to have no such problem. He leaned against the doorframe, his eyes roving over the walls, the pictures, the stacks of books, the papers spread across the table, the wand in
Remus's hand - anywhere but his face.

Finally, it was less that he'd made a conscious decision than that his arm simply gave up on the endeavour and dropped, slowly, until it was hanging limply beside the chair. Absently he
felt the wand slip from his fingers, heard it clatter and roll under the chair. Sirius looked at it.

"That's a stupid thing to do, isn't it?"

Remus started. Sirius's eyes were on the floor, now, and there was real anger in his voice. "What if I weren't me? What if I were using Polyjuice or an illusion or--"

"You're not, are you?" Remus's voice was quiet, sounded weak to his own ears, but seemed to slice right into Sirius because he started, swallowed, finally let his eyes rise from the
floor - didn't look him in the eyes, still. Sirius looked intently at his mouth.

"Not the last time I checked, no. Polyjuice makes me ill." His voice was hoarse.

"And illusion charms make your eyes itch," Remus said, willing Sirius to look at him directly, as if anyone had ever made Sirius do anything. "I suppose that means you can't really be you, can

Sirius's eyes, then, darted up to meet his gaze directly - he blinked, momentarily confused, as if he'd been tricked into it. Remus supposed he had.


"Well. Sirius Black would never look like such utter shit."

Sirius blinked, surprised, then smiled, faintly, almost against his will. "It wasn't a very clever disguise, was it?"

Remus didn't smile. "No," he said. "Not very."
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