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Those of you who are not Ring-Geeks may wish to cover your ears.

You have been warned.



It was a clean sweep, people. That's eleven out of eleven. The final count for LoTR Academy Awards is:

Art Direction - Seriously. What were they up against? Movies based on the real world. Nothing that required the creation of a Universe.
Costume Design - Look: another where they had no real competition. Like... Seabiscuit and Last Samurai and... Master and Commander? I can't remember. Dad told me that Bernard looked inside his costume once and found a royal stamp on the inside of his tunic. *goggles at level of detail*
Film Editing - Ye *gods*. I don't know if I can even *conceive* of this one. One person all by his lonesome directed... like... all the editing. Eesh. A ninety-minute clip is a two-day epic. Wow. Yeah. He deserved it. If only for surviving.
Makeup - Pshyeah. Come on. Orcs.
Music (Original Score) - I don't remember if Howard won for either of the other two - but if he was going to win for any of them it had to be this one. So, yay.
Music (Original Song) - Annie Lennox has a weird voice. But, oh. Into the West.
Sound Mixing - Um. All right. Whatever. ;)
Visual Effects - Okay. Anybody who designs an entirely new CGI software package? And tweaks it continuously for five years? Yeah. Award.
Writing (Adapted Screenplay) - I thought they got this already. But whatever. ;)

And most importantly:

Best Director, and Best Picture - I'll say it at once: about damned time. For Peter, mostly - they couldn't award the Best Picture until the trilogy was done, of course. But these were really the only two I gave a damn about, and look! They got them! And just about every other award in the ceremonies! :D

That's right, Hollywood. A fantasy film made a clean sweep. Take *that*.

...I'm fine. Really I am. :D

I was especially amused by:

a- the lady from Barbarian Invasions saying "We'd like to thank The Lord of the Rings for not qualifying in this category..."
b- Peter and Elijah plotting the theft of the Annoying Press Woman's dress made of real diamonds so they could run away with it and... I don't know. Fund The Hobbit? Real diamonds. Looks like they ran out above her ribs. o.O
c- Annoying Reporter Guy #1 introducing a blushing Keisha Castle-Hughes to Johnny Depp so that Johnny could tell her he was her biggest fan.
d- The New Zealand Invasion. Bwahah.
e- I had another one, but I can't remember. Curses.

...wait! Yes I do! Peter Jackson was all tidy. It was *weird*. To the point where Billy Crystal noted into the microphone that Pete was actually wearing shoes. ;)

Also: littlestsis making high-pitched noises every time Sean or Billy appeared on camera. (While I'm at it: lilymc? Here's that picture I promised you. ;)

EDIT: lilymc? Tell Dad that the other big win was Ben Hur. Which I guess makes it the only big win, the third being Titanic. o.O

OTHER EDIT: Some more coherence. See above lj-cut.

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