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You knew it would be bad when I started reading the Sun again...

Oh, look. Our esteemed Premier (and a couple of the drunks) are sitting in Ottawa complaining about the lack of Federal healthcare subsidy.

Wait... wait... wasn't it you, Gordo, that sucked a huge chunk of funding from casual coverage to cover your tax cuts?

Yeah, I thought so. You stupid bastard. (Not that it wouldn't be nice to have real healthcare again - I just find it ironic.)

Oh. And the welfare downsizing thing? After all that hoopla, only forty-six people got cut off. (Out of 62,000 clients.) Mum says only *one* person in their whole district. o.O

I don't know which pisses me off more. That they were only reviewing the disability category, which is bound to have less fakers, and not the regular assistance categroy, the idiots whining about how the poor, poor generational welfare clients (the people who just pop out babies every three years, 'cause if you've got a kid under three and you're a woman they don't even encourage you to find work) were going to lose their livelihood, or that absolutely nothing happened.

Forty-six people. *mutters* I think my mother should run for Ministry admin. She'd get paid more and she'd be a hell of a lot more effective at rooting out scammers than the admins ten levels up who've probably never even met any of the people they're supposed to be benefiting. *headshake*

Also, she could retire sooner. ;)

Oh. And that this is even an issue? Bothers me deeply.

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