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Just when I thought I had it beaten...

TV Says: Cannot initialize video. (Translation: Help, I can't find the drivers, even though they're right in front of me, help!)
DVD Player Says: Video Rendering Failure
DivX Says: Lag, lag, jolt, lag-whenever-you-make-my-screen-bigger-than-your-palm.
Windows Media Player Says: What he said.
Quicktime Says: Zipzipzip laaaaaag. Zipzipzipzipzip laaaaag zipzip.

Conclusion: There is something buggery about my stupidintegratedgraphicscard. (Quicktime is habitually on crack. The difference in behaviour comes as little surprise.)

This... is new. I don't think a reformat/harddrive switch/softwarewhatever has ever actually actively buggered up the hardware before.

Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, here, but I'm prepared to blame XP.

*sigh* I'll worry about it tomorrow.

(*selfwhap* You will *not*. You have actual work. School work. The TV isn't *that* important.)

But... but...


*sigh* Going to bed.

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