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Speaking of signs of the apocalypse...

...all the technology is going insane. It's a conspiracy. Fire alarm went off at school today, but not long enough to get anybody out of class; cut off at exactly 12:01. Mum's car's making mysterious buzzing noises. The microwave, this morning, tried to kill lilymc.

Oh; and *both* my harddrives failed.


(This is the part where I pretend I'm not panicking.)

At least that's how it looks. I'm rather hoping that only the C drive has crapped out, 'cause all it's got is the OS and program files. The D drive is the one with all my stories and everything else on it... and I don't really care that much if I have to reinstall C. Apparently Simon (my courtesy uncle) dropped off a new drive just on a whim (a 40gb one), so we're going to try that and cross our fingers. Then again, it was him that gave me the D drive in the first place...

...*sigh* At least midterms are over, and I don't think I failed anything (except maybe the BC History one - I was feverish and I don't remember it all that well *cringe*).

I guess I deserve it for not backing up more often. Damnit. I need a better system. I really do. Damn bloody stupid computer conspiring against me. >.<

It may have been a virus. A whomping big clever one, if so. Though I ran the scan and it only found a little wussy e-mail spoofer that it killed immediately (first virus I've even found on my puter in two years, thank you), and I don't think that one is capable of causing harddrive failure. I don't *think*. Sigh. My brain hurts. mik100 has a virus, though, and I disconnected the network and left her a Dire Warning Message on her screen about how careful she had to be until she got a proper antivirus in there to kill it. 'Tis a worm. A squiggly evil worm. *glare*

A conspiracy. I'm telling you.

I did have a more complicated rant. In addition to the one I still haven't posted from yesterday. When I do get around to it, it's going to be a doozy. o.O

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