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Speaking of signs of the apocalypse...

...all the technology is going insane. It's a conspiracy. Fire alarm went off at school today, but not long enough to get anybody out of class; cut off at exactly 12:01. Mum's car's making mysterious buzzing noises. The microwave, this morning, tried to kill lilymc.

Oh; and *both* my harddrives failed.


(This is the part where I pretend I'm not panicking.)

At least that's how it looks. I'm rather hoping that only the C drive has crapped out, 'cause all it's got is the OS and program files. The D drive is the one with all my stories and everything else on it... and I don't really care that much if I have to reinstall C. Apparently Simon (my courtesy uncle) dropped off a new drive just on a whim (a 40gb one), so we're going to try that and cross our fingers. Then again, it was him that gave me the D drive in the first place...

...*sigh* At least midterms are over, and I don't think I failed anything (except maybe the BC History one - I was feverish and I don't remember it all that well *cringe*).

I guess I deserve it for not backing up more often. Damnit. I need a better system. I really do. Damn bloody stupid computer conspiring against me. >.<

It may have been a virus. A whomping big clever one, if so. Though I ran the scan and it only found a little wussy e-mail spoofer that it killed immediately (first virus I've even found on my puter in two years, thank you), and I don't think that one is capable of causing harddrive failure. I don't *think*. Sigh. My brain hurts. mik100 has a virus, though, and I disconnected the network and left her a Dire Warning Message on her screen about how careful she had to be until she got a proper antivirus in there to kill it. 'Tis a worm. A squiggly evil worm. *glare*

A conspiracy. I'm telling you.

I did have a more complicated rant. In addition to the one I still haven't posted from yesterday. When I do get around to it, it's going to be a doozy. o.O


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Feb. 20th, 2004 09:30 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry to hear about your tech misfortune, they can be against us more than we would like to think,or even know for that matter. I'm glad your mid terms are over. Sadly mine are not, in that my psych got rescheduled until March 5th. I should be happy. I think. I hope good things will find their way to you. If you need to rant more to someone, or anything I'm here.
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