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White from the sky...

It's snowing.

There's drunken football players cheering and making other assorted loud noise outside my window. Thursday is the first night of the weekend here, since there are few classes on Friday. Which means that everyone with few or no classes goes out and gets gibbered on Thursday night. Fun, really. For them, I must assume.

Wow. More. They've seen my light, too, and now they're yelling up at my window. >.< *closes the window*

I watched both versions of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas tonight. The Jim Carry one (which I have to say, I didn't really like - they made it rather over-complicated, and slapstick kinda ruins the Grinch's typical charm... also, why does the Grinch need a love-interest with silicon implants?! Well... I'm sure they *tried*... o.O) with my floor, and after that, with Carolyn, Keltie, and most of Third, the original. Which is Good. The version we watched also had that short about the elephant talking to a speck of dust on a clover which just happens to be an entire Universe. You know; and all the other animals in the jungle try to lock him away for talking to non-existent Whos? And try to boil the speck of dust?

Heh heh. We were watching the bit where the monkeys are singing about free enterprise and Keltie and I, in unison, said something to the effect of: "Oh, no; this isn't political at *all*...", dripping with sarcasm.

Seriously, though, Seuss was like a somewhat more subtle Orwell, but for kids. Sort of. I mean, look at that one about the two guys on either side of the wall, each holding a weapon that could totally destroy the other's country. No; no Cold War references at *all*... I could be mistaken, but wasn't most of Seuss written in the fifties and sixties? Seriously, someone tell me. I'm not sure.

Third floor, I assume, went out and had a snowball fight at like eleven PM. When it started. Actually, it started around ten. It's been snowing for *checks watch* more than four hours now, and it doesn't show any signs of stopping. In fact, it's getting heavier. Gods, is it ever going to be deep when I get up tomorrow...

...good thing I'm closer to Nicholson now. o.O

Keltie and Carolyn were trying in vain to get me excited about the snowfall. I'll give them this; they tried bloody hard. But snow doesn't really cheer me up anymore. Especially when I know it's still gonna be there in like two weeks, and that snow here actually comes hand-in-hand with *actual* cold. Blech.

Yeah, Lise was right, West-coasters are pansies. ;)

It is pretty - I tried to take a bunch of pictures from the laundry room window (the one room on the floor with no lights and a lovely broad windowsill), looking down on the hundred-year-old courtyard with all the stone angels in it. Well, my camera sucks. So do the pictures. Ah, well. I tried.

For some reason, though, frozen white stuff falling and covering everything with cold sort of depresses me. No, wait, not some reason. I know the reason.

My mind tends to wander. I should be more careful with where I let it go. And I should stop dwelling on things I can't change. I know that. Really, I do. It's just that when I get into these particular states of mind and can't even go out and run it off, it being so cold I'd probably get pneumonia (gods, I can't wait 'til the Milennium Centre is finished... 24-hour indoor track, yeah...), I sort've have to dwell.

Distraction, that's what I need. Exercise, also. And... y'know... solutions. Damnitall.

Nobody seems to have noticed that I posted more Demon's Blood. Ah, well. That wasn't really the good bit, anyway.

And I will *not* go trawling through old SubCafe list posts, viewing old feedback for the sole purpose of patting my ego. I. Will. Not. Nope.

Nope. I'll go to bed instead and have that freaky dream again. Maybe when I wake up I'll be able to write something vaguely worthwhile.

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