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My computer is being just utterly weird. I sat down to write the outline for my sociology term paper, opened my school folder (which should have had three folders in it: Fall 2003, Winter 2004, and Tuition and Stuff), and it was empty! Panicking, I rebooted, then checked again. Empty! Checked the other folders on my Data drive (I've got system files/programs on one drive and data/stories/schoolwork/etc on the other), and found two other empty folders. Panicked a little more. I have the Fall 2003 and the Tuition and Stuff folder backed up on CD, so I copied them over (can't remember why, now). Finally just wrote the outline, recreated the Winter 2004 folder inside the school folder, saved everything, printed. Then I had to go to class.

When I got home, I went looking for the online virus scan thingy Mcafee has. As I was setting it up, I checked again: the other two folders had magically restored themselves. When I checked the school folder, it turned out that while the two folders I'd copied from CD were still there and fine, the Winter 2004 folder name had gone funny: changed itself to WINT~1, or something like that. Strangely, the file inside it seemed fine.

I'm now running the scan. This is really weirding me out. It looks like wacky virus behaviour, but it's not on a drive that ever has any contact with the internet. That, in fact, was one of the main reasons I've got all the Stuff That Actually Matters on an entirely separate drive. I suppose a really clever virus could have gotten into my D drive, but I also can't think of any instance where I could have gotten one. My email client doesn't even *receive* attachments. o.O

So, I'm confused. The scan's *still* running, and if it doesn't find anything I'm going to download the free Norton one and run it again. And if *that* doesn't find anything, I'm defragging. Just in case. This is just confusing. It could be weird corruption, I guess. But I've never even seen Bugger do anything like this before. I had a virus once, I think - I can't remember which one. The one that added a .vbs extension to html files. I don't remember. But that was one system restore, one harddrive move, and two reformats ago.

Anybody have any ideas? I'm stumped.

It's funny. If the house burned down, I could probably deal. But my files? That's everything I've written in the past eight years, my entire worth as a human being, tied up in mysterious and intangible magnetic processes. Scary. *shudder*

(I will back up more frequently, I will back up more frequently...)

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