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Couldn't find the link. Tried. Really.

So apparently our stupid fucking evil capitalist province is considering licensing the capture of wild eagle chicks.

Now. After the seizure of outrage, I considered this. They claim to be intending to be doing it to allow for commercial sale of trained birds. There were several reasons in the article I read, but there were only two that had any kind of coherence to them. First, they want to allow for a larger market of people using birds for hunting. WTF? What business does the province think it has supporting sport hunting? We had a policy going here, people. Conservation? Heard of it?
Second, they want to use falconers to deal with "nuisance birds" at the airport.
Okay... really... huh? I mean, okay, birds flying around in front of airplanes, probably bad. But what serious threat can a duck present to an incoming 747? I'm really curious. Is this along the same lines as driving instructors telling you not to freak out and swerve when you see a squirrel on the road? (They tell you not to stop for the cute little fuzzy things, but to try and avoid the big things like, say, moose, because they can cause some serious damage to a motor vehicle. Not that most of us, most emphatically including me, wouldn't try and avoid the cute fuzzy things anyway. dianahobart can attest to the time I swerved to avoid what she thought [screamed] was a cat. It turned out to be a McDonalds bag. o.O) They're afraid pilots will swerve to miss a pigeon and crash into the control tower? Can a 747 going bumpbump over a bird really endanger the flight?
Don't get me wrong - I'm all for keeping the stupid evil pigeons from being flattened by the big nasty aeroplanes. But sending falcons after them? Seems like overkill, to me. And don't the trained birds stand just as much chance of getting splatted as the "nuisance birds"? I mean, all right, they'd probably be watching them carefully, and all, but...
...and the possible law would allow for not just the capture of bald eagles, but for the capture of vulnerable species, including peregrines. I think (I'm not sure) that peregrines are actually, currently endangered. So what the HELL is this utilitarian bullshit doing in *my* government?

I want my bloody coup. I want it *now*. >.

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