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It was snowing on the mountain.

Yeah, yeah, I know: big surprise. Still. Cold. *shiver*

I have a headache. And my floppy is stuck in the stupid school computer's drive. Did I mention I had a headache?

Protest's tomorrow. Nadja? Looks like it might just be the two of us. (Don't ask me why; I'm not all that clear on it myself.) So where shall I meet you? The rally starts at one. o.O

I am wearing wellies. They are not especially comfortable. I want to go home, but first I have a math test to fail.

Ugh. Today sucks. I can't wait 'til tomorrow. Screaming at corrupt bureaucrats will be cathartic.

EDIT: Ack. Screw this disk. I don't care about it enough to go looking for techies. I'm just going to wipe it and leave it here. >.

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