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No, I am not done my paper.

Nor have I, this weekend, done any maths. Nope. Took me all day, in fact, just to get the quotations and the outline down - though it probably wouldn't have taken me 'til so late if I'd gotten up earlier than noon. Serves me right, I guess, for not having a highlighter in my hand the first time I read the Susan Allison memoirs, which is, it might be noted, the only thing I've read ahead all semester. 'Course, she didn't give us the assigment sheet 'til I was already most of the way through the book... *grumblemutter*

Ah, well. The paper itself shouldn't take too long now. I can't believe I went this long not doing outlines. Makes the final product so much easier to produce.

Now I've only got four papers left to do, and one of them's shared.

Guess I should probably start reading my damn research...

(310 pages before the 10th, plus maths, plus one paper worth of research. *whimper*)

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