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And to think... I actually could have gone to school in Britain...

From the New York Times:

BRITAIN: TUITION RAISES PROPOSED The government unveiled a bill that would let universities nearly triple their annual tuition fees, charging as much as $5,500 a year. In concessions to Labor Party critics in Parliament who have threatened to vote against the bill, the bill's sponsors said it would provide almost complete financial aid for students whose families earn less than $27,500 a year. Under the plan, students would not have to pay their tuition fees until after they had begun earning $27,500 a year, and outstanding loans would be written off after 25 years. Sarah Lyall (NYT)

*jealous sigh*

And while we're at it:

"Not a scintilla of bravery is required for a candidate, whether Democratic or Republican, to take refuge in religion. But it would take genuine courage to stand up and tell voters that elected officials cannot and should not depend on divine instructions to reconcile the competing interests and passions of human beings."

On this day (technically yesterday, now) in 1918, President Woodrow Wilson outlined his 14 points for peace after the First World War.

Now: sleep.

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