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I thought this morning that I might have a cold. Now I'm pretty sure.

Or maybe it's just general crappiness.

I got all the way to the skytrain this morning, the bus trip taking about an hour instead of forty minutes, and by the time I was standing on the platform it was already eight AM - ten minutes later, two trains had gone by without stopping: too full. They made two announcements: the first told the idiots on the first Westbound train (I was going East) to get their stupid appendages inside the door, because if the doors can't close the entire line sits still until they can. The second was one of Translink's many and well-known apologies about the trains running late - something about ice on a bridge. I couldn't think which bridge, though I'm sure there is a bridge and I believe there was quite possibly ice on it. Only something like five trains were running on the Millennium side of the line as a result. After the second announcement and the second train, I called the prof's voice mail to say I'd be late. I checked it earlier, around six-thirty, to see if maybe, just maybe, class had been cancelled - at the time there was nothing. She must have updated it while I was sitting on the bus.

And it turns out that this morning's class was cancelled, after all. So I got back on the bus and came all the way back... fortunately, mostly unconscious, until we started the trip down the mountain at about 2kph, five feet at a time, for the sake of the slush. Upon getting home, I pretty much fell asleep the second I sat down on a soft surface. House warm. And relatively dry.

It is just utterly *disgusting* outside. It's not even snow, not even rain. It's like walking around on the surface of a partially frozen lake. There's a layer of crusty, icy snow, about two inches thick - solid in some places, some places not - under which the rain, which has been coming down all night, has created another foot or so of really, really cold water. So some places you can stand on the snow, some places you go through to the knee. Yeah. The ride this morning was lots of fun. >.<

I suppose I really should get a properly waterproof jacket - if nothing else then for the Environmental Science field trips, most of which are out of doors, all of which are taking place during winter and/or spring, during which, around here, it generally doesn't get too complicated, weather-wise - just rains, and rains, and rains. I like rain. Really. I just don't much enjoy being damp and cold for hours at a time.

This morning was disgusting. Oh - and the weather service can go bugger themselves. We have *so* got freezing rain. All the trees are sporting a layer of ice about two milimetres thick, and most of them are bending slightly sideways. Poor trees.

dianahobart? Did Faya ever get ahold of you? She wanted to reschedule to Thursday night.

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