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Big snowstorm.

*reading Friends page*

On Nov. 23 news broke that the FBI is actively conducting surveillance of antiwar demonstrators, supposedly to "blunt potential violence by extremist elements," according to a Reuters interview with a federal law enforcement official.

Given the FBI's expansive definition of "potential violence" in the past, this is a net that could catch almost any group or individual who falls into official disfavor.

Uh. Yeek?


...I echo the rampant sarcasm in Susan's post, with qualification. We in BC *are* winter wussies. And I *know*. *shudder*

Though cold and "inordinate" are relative. I used to think this sort of weather was a pretty terrifying degree of winter, too, and when you're walking around in it out of necessity, it feels pretty bloody inordinate.

No one in the Lower Mainland knows how to drive intelligently in snow, anyway, so I, for one, am glad everything's buttoned up tight. Every time I've gone walking in the past week I've been convinced some idiot, secure in the illusion of safety created by a big head, little dick, and SUV would fuck up and slide off the road and splat me into a telephone pole. So. Glad about the closures. :)

Also, apparently things getting worse, not better. Snow's slacking off, but now we're getting freezing rain. (Where the temperature drops and rain freezes the instant it hits a surface, turning the whole world into a big, bumpy ice rink.) I'm rather more worried about closures from freezing rain than snow. The former's a hell of a lot more dangerous to transit than the latter, for example. o.O

Oh. An "extended" period of freezing rain. How nice.

*shakes the Douglas website* Give me updates, damn you! Must I catch the bus at seven tomorrow morning or not? *shakeshakeshake*

They were running the skytrain all night last night, to keep the tracks from freezing. Here's hoping they see fit to do so again.

My goodness, what dramatic music the weather service is using. *snicker*

I'll talk about first week of classes once I've had my first week. Really. ;)

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