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Spell your name backwards: Irdnahc, or Neira, or... Neira Nagem Doelcam Ybssorc. Heh.

Where do you live?: Really, Vancouver BC. But right now, Antigonish, NS.

Describe yourself in three words: Short, Intelligent, Eccentric.

Who is your worst enemy? Bigotry. Especially the kind that refuses to admit itself. ie: "It's not *really* racism..." *scowl*

If you could have ANY animal for a pet, what would it be? Cat. But can't have one, 'cause dorms won't let us have pets, and also, half my family is allergic. Not fair. That's okay, though; I love my puppies. I *miss* my puppies... *looks miserable*

Have you ever used a spork? *enthusiastic nod* It's the primary tool for decapitating Diana Fowley in X-Files sillyfic... ;)

Do you even know what a spork is? Yup.

What is the latest you've ever stayed up? How about *longest*? More'n three days, outside the wake-a-thon in highschool.

Ever been to Belgium? Never been to Europe. *pout* But I *will* eventually make Dad take me. My main argument is that since he was *born* in Europe, he doesn't need to go unless he takes one of us, and *I'm* the oldest, so it should be me. :D

What's your favourite coin? Twoonies. They're pretty and they have polar bears on them. Plus you can make earrings out of them, but you're really not supposed to... ;)

Wallet: Blue and tan Billabong.

Brush: Got two; one (round wooden with metal bristles and rubber base) for frizz-killing, and another (black metal with metal bristles) for knot-attacks.

Toothbrush: *grin* It's purple. Of course. OralB, I think... what my dentist gave me for free.

Jewelry worn daily: Ahem: Lotsa rings, watch, two leather bracelets on right wrist, two sets of silver earrings, two necklaces.

Pillow cover: White with circular pink checkery-patterns on it.

Blanket: Forest-green thermal blanket, and my great-grandma's reallyreally old patchwork quilt. Wildly mis-matched sheets.

Coffee cup: My white one with a black griffon on it from the 2001 Oregon Shakespeare Festival, that says "To thine own self be true" on it (My favourite line out of Shakespeare, even though I've never *read* that play...).

Sunglasses: Don't have any, I don't think... lost my most recent pair that I bought in Guelph (that's my Vancouverite showing through - apparently people in Vancouver lose more sunglasses every year than anyone else in Canada? Wow) but my glasses have thick purple rims on 'em. I'm supposed to wear them at the computer, but I hardly ever do. ;)

Underwear: Um; Grey. ;)

Shoes: Really well-worn, comfy Airwalks.

Favorite shirt: My mum's old blue "Mountain Dance Theatre" t-shirt from like 1980 when she taught kiddie ballet. The which I'm wearing now.

Favourite pants: Worn Silver jeans - kinda flares, but not really - that actually fit me.

Colgne: Um... rarely. But I think I have a bottle of something vanilla-ey around here somewhere.

Cd in stereo right now: Listening to 5440- Since When right now on Winamp.

Tattoos: None. 'Cause I'm a big baby. ;)

Piercing: Ears, two holes in each.

Current music: 5440 - Since When

Wearing: The previously mentioned t-shirt, previously mentioned jeans, and a plaid shirt.

Hair: Dark red-brown, down to my waist (but it needs a trim), wavy and would be curly if it wasn't so damned thick.

In my mouth: Nothing.

In my head: Dialogue from Concrete Versus Empyreal

Hearing: Church bells and people walking under my window. Campus noises.

Wishing: For people to meet me at the airport when I go home in December, to see Jerry in Halifax when I'm there.

After this: Lying down with a Magic Bag, 'cause my tummy HURTS...

Talking to: Until about five minutes ago, Carolyn...

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