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Okay, a couple of minor gripes..., the shower in my new res has a hot water deficiency problem. I had to let it run for fifteen minutes to get it warm enough that it didn't turn me into a solid block of ice. Not cool. Also, the walls don't like my posters - apparently painted stone and scotch tape don't mix. They keep falling down in the middle of the night.

However, it's still not Mac, it's still not Mac, it's still not Mac...

And... SQUEE! ReBoot last night! And... stuff happened! Stuff that I can't talk about! Yeep! *wanders back in the general direction of #reboot and #spoilerspace on Undernet*

Ooh, Damien; if you want eps, people are waving around teeny-weeny little mpeg copies of both movies. If I were you, I'd get yourself in there as soon as it's feasible. *goes to watch her own again*

Only 5 more days of classes, and I get to go home in *checks* 20 days! Whee!

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