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...the United States government has recently done/hinted at the following:

1. Declaring their intention to sneak into other countries and "arrest" any "suspected" criminals they bloody well feel like. (I always thought that was called "kidnapping". *shrug*)

2. Ripping open/returning any packages of store-bought foodstuffs from Canada that hit border customs without prior notice to the FDA (Apparently fearing "contamination of the food supply through bioterrorism". Excuse me while I double over with laughter.), but *not* packages of home-made goods. I'm sorry... only logoed goods can contain dangerous chemical agents? o.O

3. Ignoring Canadian citizenship and extradition policies and simply deporting any "dangerous persons" from the Americas altogether, handing them over to governments that tend to torture them to death.

4. Openly stating the following: "We will go to any measures to protect ourselves," including, apparently, contravening international law.

Don't quote me on any of that. All my information comes tonight from bloody BCTV News.

Lovely neighbours.

I'm scared. o.O

In other news, Chretien is going out with a bang. Wandering the globe going "I'm retiring. I no longer have to impress anyone. So fuck you, and fuck you, and fuck you." (Previous dialogue courtesy of re-enactment by mik100.) Paul Martin still makes me nervous. He will until the election. Come on, election. Both of 'em.

And apparently, we're all going to die of the flu. Hoorah. Isn't the Christmas season charming?

*watches news talk about high-risk kids who should get flu shot* Why would a child be on Aspirin therapy?

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