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Oh, sheep... *laughing*

Well... this was a pleasant surprise [/sarcasm] to find in my inbox this morning. It was sent, I think, through one of my friend's Gundam Wing websites. I don't really even know who this person is. Just a random ranter, as far as I can tell. Evidently one who can't type, spell, or use correct grammar. Good for a laugh, and open mocking, if you like.

Theres something deeply wrong with people who write fanfict.

I'm not joking here Im not trying to make a point - I'm stating fact, not my opninion. Fanfic is a screwed up thing. It's just people who have nothing better to do and would rather sit in their basement fantasizing about crappy actors than go out and have social lives. Jesus. How can you think it's okay to have David duchovny and Gillian Andersen having sex when they obviously DON'T in real life? Or writing about COMIC BOOK characters like they're real people? They're COMIC, people. they're CARTOONS. Speaking of which, lets talk aout anime. Also cartoons. For KIDS. there's GIANT ROBOTS in them and aliens. And theres like, thirty year olds writing stories about thm? That's sick, people, just sick. Don't you have lives or something? The fact tht there's a whole website for it is even worse i don't know. it's bad enough that kids are stupid enough to watch/red this stuff but writing abou it is pretty pathetic.

Plus the peple who write it can't write. Your grammer is horrible and you can't spell, and you get whole groups of people telling you how great the story is and how wonderful a writer ou are. You people are pathetic. I hope you get sued for stealing these charaters that don't even belong to u. lots of companies are doing that now,and i wish them Luck.


Spelling, man, spelling!

You know, it's one thing to dislike fanfic on principle - in that case one would be expected to simply not read it. Or go anywhere near it if you can't control yourself enough to not flame wildly. You'll notice that he slammed people who don't spellcheck, type correctly or use proper grammar. Ironic, isn't it?

Even more ironic is that the person using the handle this was signed with used to *be* a fanfic writer - I think Sailor Moon or something. Not one who would have fallen under the category of "good", exactly. I'm still chuckling over the grammar and spelling. He mis-spelled "Anderson"... impressive, that... o.O

And by the way, *are* there any aliens in Gundam Wing? I don't remember any... *wanders off laughing*

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