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At school. Geography out early, as was last day. Now have an hour to kill before last stupid Creative Writing in which we will be doing nothing of importance. I'd skip it, but he said we had to show up, and I don't know why. >.<

Damnit. I could be working on my Gryffindor scarf. I all but finished the purple one, but I have lost my crochet hook and can go no further - no fringe, y'know. I started making a Gryffindor scarf in the proper colours to replace the ketchup-and-mustard one I made for the book launch.

Bored. Have checked LJ, checked webcomics, have no floppies so can't write... or can I? *rummages for notebook*

I wrote the dust-jacket blurbs for all three of the Peacemaker books. I know what the second one's about! I know how Presskin and Carsyn meet! It's very exciting. Stop looking at me like that. :P

And the third one sounds very momentus and epicy. I'm excited. But I mustn't start writing the second one until the first one's done. Damnit. Or I'll never finish any of them. >.<

I really need a great big world map. With all the lines where they are right now. To put up on the wall so I can change borders with a Sharpie. Because I know shit about borders in the Middle East and I need to have those. And I want a hardcopy reference of right now. That's what we call "divergence from reality". :D

Yeah; I'm rambling. Going now.

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