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Speaking of "peace without victory"...

PS: If your computer tells you that this was sent on Friday, it is only because my computer is a vindictive beast that required me to restart it at one minute before midnight.

Don't know if that will make any difference, but I think it'll be all right, anyway. It wasn't *that* late. *sigh* Ah. Finished. Sent. Gotta love a prof who takes e-mail submissions. (I still have to give her a hardcopy on Monday, but at least this way it counts as "in".


I miss my "La!" icon. *goes hunting for it*

I'm actually looking forward (in a way) to my last English paper. Possibly because it's Oscar Wilde. Probably because it's the last paper. ;)

Ye gods. It's the *last* paper. I'll start on... er... Monday? Yes. Sounds good. But until then... I don't really have anything pressing to do, right this instant.

(Go write something, idiot!)

Oh. Right. ;)

EDIT: Just had a few brief moments of panic when I used my last sheet of printer paper...

...until I discovered the fresh ream hiding under the comics. Heh. :)

...which was stupid, anyway, because I could just as easily have printed it out at school. *headshake*

SECOND EDIT: LJ is being all crazy about entry dates. o.O

Note to self: return library books *tomorrow*. So. Late.

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