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I obviously can't be allowed to listen to music while working.

Winamp shuffled to Leave it Alone (Moist) and I had the Leaving Normal episode synopsis file open before I knew what I was doing. Bad Ari! Bad! You must *not* write that now! You must write *this* now!

I mean, it isn't even as if it's a boring essay. It's about the League of Nations. Which I find interesting (no comments about my attraction to elegant tragedies, please ;). A lot, even! It's not even as if I'm being distracted from something dry by something angsty and (to me, at least) compelling!

I'm just easily distracted by shiny things, it seems. Though I *always* write more, and better, even, when I'm procrastinating. ;)

Yeah, yeah. I'm going back to it. :P

One thing to think about, though. This show is going to have some awesome music. ^.^

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