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Checked loans.

Status: Approved

Yay! *does the joyful dance of being-able-to-eat*

dianahobart? How 'bout you?

Okay. Now I'm going to go all bipolar and return to an earlier mood.

Air pollution in LA and Vancouver. *Harrowing*. Over 75% of LA is asphalt and concrete, and people are actually being driven out of cities by the "higher being: the automobile". The amount of energy required by a car to transport one human being during rush hour is forty-two times the energy required by a bus.


And... *thinks* ...only 64,000 Vancouver commuters on average use the bus, out of about 1, 600 000. That's... just... disturbing.

What the hell is with the Car Culture? What is wrong with people? o.O

*never ever, ever buying a car*

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