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I'm back!

More or less, anyway. Bugger's still being a bitch about IE and its many stupid components. And the Update site is being equally bitchy. Keeps getting halfway through Setup and then going "Oops! Sorry! We're fuckups! Close us and try again!"

And then I do.

And then it happens again.

So for the time being, I'm ignoring it. Outlook won't re-load my mail, anyway. I don't know why I keep *trying* to save my mail when I reformat. It never bloody works, anyway. So, yeah... if you've sent me anything important in the past... uh... month? I don't have it anymore. *shrug*

Got everything else reloaded except the TV, which always takes two days to kick into shape, anyway. So I'm ignoring that, too, at least today. I have a paper to finish, now for Thursday - finished stupid bloody Heart of Darkness, though. Ye gods, LoTR isn't so heavy a read. Not even the trek through Emyn Muil! *headshake*

Anyway... class. And... things. And... oh. Reading. Philosophy. Right. Have a dentist appointment tomorrow, so that's the second class in a row I'll have missed, damnit, but I'm not worried about my average, anyway - he doesn't do a lot of quizzes on the intangible stuff and I understand as well from the book, anyway. Midterm's not 'til... uh... the 30th? The 2nd? Something like that. At least tomorrow's a legitimate excuse. ;)

One more paper. Two more midterms. Yee.

We really need to go grocery shopping. Hrm.

*scurries away to check Loans, then History class at 7pm*

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