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All right. That's it.

The paper's going to be late. Two days, to be precise. And why, you ask? Is it because I skipped Thursday and Friday classes to spend time with Jen and go to the concert? No. Is it because I dawdled most of Saturday? Surprisingly, no. Is it because of the drunken family party? Not even! I was actually at 988 words before the party started. Which is when I saved it to disk. Or so I thought.

Because this seems to have been the one and only time that I neglected to backup to the hard drive, in this case Mum's hard drive, and the copy that I saved to floppy? Corrupt. Won't open. So. Back to the 466 words I started with on Saturday. Yup. Sca-rewed. And my computer? Being less than cooperative. Inasmuch as it's refusing to open the word processor. Or anything else. And crashing every few minutes. So! That reformat I've been putting off? Is happening... now.

Good thing she only takes off 2% per day late. And I was at 988 words! The tragedy of it all! *facepalm*

Off I go. You may not hear from me for a couple of days, depending on Bugger's level of cooperation. Traitorous machine. >.

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