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Expect no conjunctions. Sorry. Late.

Finally saw PoA trailer.


...fingers. *shudder*

But no Moony! Feel so cheated. >.<

In Ridge. Have written only 788 words of paper. Argharghargh. But! Made more truffle pie for the party - Nadja? Seems I remembered the recipe, so don't worry about sending it. Yay, sporadically-eidetic memory. Just takes motivation - chocolate serves handily as motivation. ;)

While at grocery store, discovered Terry's now makes a chocolate orange that is not orange, but mint. Mint-flavoured, orange-shaped chocolate. Didn't buy, as was ridiculously expensive, but was tempted. Also, left wallet in car.

Watched Chamber of Badly-Acted Secrets (Daniel Radcliffe's such a passive actor he's going to utterly bomb Azkaban, I'm almost certain of it, but that's why we have Rupert Gint and Emma Thomson, I suppose) with sisters. On almost unrelated note, veryvery close to sucking littlestsis into Heinleinverse. Close... *nudge, nudge* I'll do it, yet. *nods*

Begpardon. Must beat middlelittlesis off pie with stick.

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