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Tonight was exciting. Went to a concert, got worn out yelling and clapping (Jason Mraz played The Rainbow Connection on his encore! Totally made my night. :D), then on the way to the Skytrain, somebody rear-ended Jen's mum's van at a red light. Not scary, really, and none of us was hurt. Certainly was interesting, though. Afterward I got a ride all the way home because I missed my bus connection.

Was sort of stressing because I had a paper to write for Monday and had Jacob's (who's turning one - I found a shirt for him with a chibi Spiderman on the front ;) birthday party on Saturday, and my aunts' on Sunday, but Jake's party's been cancelled, 'cause he has the chicken pox. Which actually has plus sides; at least he's getting it out of the way, for one, and it means I can write my paper tomorrow! *sigh of relief* Poor Jacob. :)

EDIT: I was just flipping and saw a Michelle Branch music video, where they're singing on a beach. And then the tide comes in.

And she throws her guitar into the ocean.

A guitar! Into the ocean!



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