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Slept through first class. How clever. >.<

-History research paper - due November 17
-Last Philosophy midterm - November 20
-Last English paper - due December 2

And exams are on the 8th, 10th, and 11th of December. Hey! I'm done exams by the 11th? How did that happen? o.O

Oi. History paper. *cringe* Monday? And, wow. I've got about a hundred words written. Not cool. (Well, at least I've got most of the research done, this time. *sigh*)

Okay; so maybe the reformatting isn't getting done this weekend... I officially designate Sunday the Day I'm Writing the Essay. I'll do it this time, too. On Sunday. Not in the between two and seven PM on Monday as I usually do. *firm nod*

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