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Surrounded by boxes...

I'm moving. And I *hate* packing. I believe I've gone over this before.

So, they put me in Gil, and it's a single room (a monastic cell, practically, but a single nonetheless and I'm wondering whether all my stuff will fit...o.O), and it's on the fourth floor. Up four levels of spiral staircase.

While spiral staircases are cool, climbing up them while lugging a computer monitor is not. Or a mini-fridge. Not cool. Not at all. With any luck, we can round up some Big Strong Men - or at least what we've got that passes for them ;) - to lug up a box or two. Not that I'm incapable, just lazy. And *I'm* not about to carry *all* those damned boxes up *all* those damned stairs when I don't have to. Hell; I've still got bruises from carrying them all the way *here*.

I've got an English paper to write for Thursday - I haven't started it yet. I probably should have done it yesterday, considering that I had *nothing* else to do yesterday... hell. Now I'm going to end up doing it on Wednesday night and really-early Thursday morning. *grumblesigh* Stupid Chaucer...

I'm watching Wolf Lake. I've seen six eps now and I still have no idea what's going on.

And... ACK! DAEMON RISING WAS ON TODAY!! (On a tangent, I watched Invincible on Superstation - not what I'd hoped it'd be - and X-Files, which is continuing to piss me off... Where the HELL is Mulder, anyway?!)

*breathes* Note the over-excitement.

It was... odd. They finally explained some things that they never explained before - including some things I never wondered about before, which are now confusing me further. It was a two-parter, so naturally I was left hanging for a week. Blah.

And I'm not going to spoil the damned thing... even though I'd *like* to... damnit. Confused. And mildly annoyed that it didn't match up to what we'd set out as *being* the fourth season in that monolithic arc we wrote years back, when S3 was still a new things. Some stuff does... but other stuff doesn't.

And while I'm not going to spoil, I will mutter contentedly about the fact that the person I was afraid they were going to kill off was *not* killed off. Yay. :)

I hate boxes. And packing...

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