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Uncharacteristically good mood.

That's about my motto for today. I'm having a good day. And why is that? Well, I finished my "essay" for Creative Writing, and today I a) get back the story that I think is the best work I've done for the class, so far, and b)I'm anticipating an A, at least - mostly because it's the first time Hackass has voiced unqualified approval: that is, said "I like it, it's good," without niggling over format or structure. I think that's probably because it's a novel chapter, and you can make more mistakes, because there's... like... 50,000 words in which to correct any bugger-up you might make in chapter one. *shrug* Ah, well. Revision folder, ahoy. That second story *did* have too many mentions of "lavender". (I was pressed for time, all right? :P)

I've written two papers in the course of three days, only one of which qualifies, really, as an essay, but what the hell? I did well enough. I'm content with it - in that I didn't care, all *that* much. Only two more essays and two more midterms before finals. On the home stretch, with a 3.7 GPA. Almost finished. This semester. ;)

I made cupcakes last night, and supper, a *real* meal, too, while backing up my harddrive and installing hardware. Successfully multitasking always makes me feel uber-competent. Don't know why, exactly. But I didn't burn anything (except the CDs) and I cleaned up (though the kitchen isn't *clean*, per se, but it ain't my mess), and I backed up all my data without losing or corrupting anything, and I managed, most importantly, to install not only a CDRW drive but a harddrive without causing anything to spark, smoke, or combust. And I *hate* physical installations. They scare the hell out of me. All those fiddly little bits that can muck up *everything* if anything's done wrong by *one* pin? Just as traumatising as backing up. Don't trust anything as concrete as CD, especially knowing how fallible they are. Feel safer having things in my head or in suspension on a drive, as it were. Hate it. But did it. Pleased with myself.

And lastly, today is Jen Day! *And* Nadia Day! Together! At once!

It's sad, I know. I need more friends. Or closer friends. ;)

But still! :D

Have class in about six minutes (finally got the Douglas puters to let me onto the net - before, they were being stubborn), where I will take notes in Geography without boredom, and listen to endless nattering about mediocre fiction without (excessive) impatience (at least, I'll try), because today I get my story back, and that's really my only motivation for actually showing up in that class. It's all about my ego. But I *like* feedback. :)

I want to teach. I want to teach history. Twentieth-century, I think. But also want to study English, for its own sake, and Mythology, for its usefulness to my writing, *and* its own sake. Sigh. Too many things I'd love to do. But it's all about helping people to understand... about everything. ^.^

Off to class. With a mood this good something awful's bound to happen - always does. But I'm bloody well going to milk it while it lasts.

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