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Was almost one CD short. ONE.

New harddrive installed. Burner installed. Backup complete. And there it is. Everything I've written since I was thirteen, on ten CD-Rs in a little box. *cradles it jealously*
Haven't gotten 'round to the reformat yet, 'cause I just finished the backing up. Reformatting tomorrow.

Oi. That took longer than I'd hoped. Ridiculously longer. I did make cupcakes, though. Haven't eaten any, and didn't get my nap. Damnit. Today has been a catastrophic failure, looking at my list. But! I'm backed up. Tomorrow, or possibly the next day, comes the reformat. And the networking. *glares sullenly in direction of router box*

And now, for the paper. Too many papers this week... *flomp*

Nadja? 'N Jen? Have real food for you tomorrow. At least the refrigerated remains of real food. Macaroni-and-cheese casserole and those veggie things.

EDIT: No, not the pockety-things. The things from Halloween. But gooey-er. I was using up cheese and vegetables.
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