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To do tomorrow:

1-Install burner (Yay! :D).
2-Save MGISoft, if you ever bloody find it.
3-Save entire identity and worth as a human being all data to CDRW, test nineteen times, and hoard jealously away somewhere it can't possibly come to harm.
4-Reformat HDD.
5-Reinstall OS (Clean! It's CLEAN! Bwahahahah!).
6-Install new HDD. Threaten it into submission. Move saved data back to relative safety of the newer, nicer HDD.
7-Jealously and with great paranoia, REMEMBER TO SAVE DATA TO THE NEW HDD. Idiot.
8-Install evil router from hell and make network... work. Finally.
10-Make cupcakes.
11-Rejoice for a second time!

And then...


12-Stupid standardized 750-word Reading Response to some crappy story that doesn't teach us anything.
13-Two normal reviews.
14-Read Heart of Darkness. Damnit!

15-Eat a cupcake and take a nap.

Busy day for a day off. :(

But... burner! :)

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