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Nobody got it. I mock you. :)

1. A friend in elementary school once paid my mother twenty dollars to divulge the somewhat-embarassing-in-context nickname I had as a toddler.

True - After being told the name, she forgot it twenty minutes later. Mum refused to repeat it, and kept the money. ;)

2. I was once given an in-school suspension for flipping off a kindergarten teacher.

True - On a dare from the same "friend". I was in grade four at the time.

3. I have arhythmia - unusually fast heartbeat - but have never been treated for it.

False - We *thought* I had arhythmia until I was thirteen, when we found out that I... didn't. Still not entirely sure what happened.

4. During grade eight math summer school, I pushed someone down a flight of stairs.

True - My friend's boyfriend. He hit her, she cried, I hit him, and he careened backward down a flight of six steps. He wasn't seriously injured - just his pride. Jackass.

5. I wrote on my high school newspaper, but I was thrown off in grade ten.

Extremely True - The teacher sponsor and I had a difference of opinion - I was of the opinion that he was a toadying asshole. Namely, he thought my writing style was too controversial and opinionated (I wrote, it should be noted, editorials), so he would edit my articles to say something completely different, then publish them without my permission, sometimes against my stated wishes. I objected, and he "suggested" I leave the newspaper staff.

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