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While it is still the day, happy Samhain!

Feast was good. Some people are spoilsports. But feast was good. Am stuffed. And may have killed Nadja. ^.^

Only got a lousy twenty-or-so trick-or-treaters. Feel extremely cheated. I spent twenty minutes sticking cheesy cobwebs semi-realistically to the gate, stuffing a garden glove and half-burying it in the ground to create the illusion of a body buried in our garden, and ran straight home from class to carve the pumpkin for eighteen three-year-olds and their siblings? Feh, I say. Feh. (Although I can't say I didn't enjoy dismembering the dollar-store Barbies to make the Barbie-parts mobile. ;)

Ah, well. More candy for us. :)

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