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To do.

For today:

- Carve pumpkin
- Find somewhere for people to eat (it may end up being the floor, or the patio, but I think it'll be too cold outside - don't think it'll be a huge crowding issue, though, as it seems only Nadja and Dan are coming... I am lame, I need more friends)
- Buy food (especially bread, and potatoes, and... dear gods, we have no cheese o.O)
- Put up cobwebs
- Find scary music CD
- Barbie Parts mobile! Bwahahah!
- Openly mock any Hallowitnesses you may encounter (yes, folks, they really do exist - I saw one outside the mall today; I would have stopped to make him cry chat, but I was in a hurry... *evil grin*)

In other news, damn me and my nudging. I was explaining Paxverse timelines to mik100 again, and ended up searching out a Subreality story to illustrate something... and realized that I still haven't finished bloody Demon's Blood I *will*. I swear. Soon. Given that the last Subreality fic I posted was Scratches... bad Writer.

Though rifling through old RRs, I now have this scene in my head I can't place, and it's driving me effing bloody insane... >.

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