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Rebecca and I were standing on the road in front of school, waiting for her mum, when some random drunken redneck (complete with cowboy hat, second-hand track jacket, and case of beer tucked under one arm) walked up in the middle of our conversation and started talking to us. Completely at random. Got a bit irritable when all we did was blink at him and back away slowly - said something about how we thought we were "too smart" for him - then eventually he shrugged, and walked on down the sidewalk, telling us to "keep our virtue".

Creepy fucker. It was one of those situations where you can *tell* the guy's had too much, and you're not sure whether he's going to pass out, or laugh, or take a swing at you. I was getting all ready to peg him in the head with my bag and take off down the street with Rebecca in tow, when he went on his way. *shudder*

Why in hell is it always me approached by the random scary/drunken strangers?

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