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Today is *such* a good day, on the whole. I was getting ready to go to Sociology when my phone rang - it was the Residence Office (finally having gotten something *right*), saying they'd found me a room in Gilmora. That's the good building (the one that isn't Mac). ;) Then Carolyn called, and I told her, and she's all excited too - 'cause it means she won't have to visit me *here* anymore.
Then, I was on my way out to go to class, and I ran into Kyla (old roomie) and she told me Soc was cancelled today. (yay!) Apparently he told us yesterday, when he was handing out exams, but I didn't hear him (probably because I would have been unconscious at the time... ^.^).

So now, I'm waiting for Carolyn to call. I phoned her when I found out class was cancelled, but she must have already left. I can't really go and grab her from Nicholson, 'cause I might miss her and I don't really want to spend an hour wandering aimlessly around the building. So I"ll wait for her to get back. And then we'll go to the Res Office and claim my room. :D

One problem - one which is another of those Good Things today has - Harry Potter. I was planning to go and get tickets early, before one or two - Carolyn and I got done for the day before anyone else, so we volunteered to go secure seats for everyone on Third Gil.

I just hope they don't insist I move *today*... 'cause if they want me to miss the movie... *cringe* Argh. I'd be tempted to turn them down... *baps self on head* which obviously, I oughtn't do, but... *whine* Harry Potter! Not fair... o.O

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