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If I have to enter my SIN in a box one more time tonight, somebody's gonna die.

No one sleeping, though I have at least two potential victims, with dianahobart asleep on our couch.

Finished loan app for next semester (the damn site finally cooperated), minus the bits I've got to mail in, thereby defeating the entire purpose of electronic application, I would think; damn you, Douglas, and your semester-by-semesterness. Makes it so I couldn't get a job if I wanted to. >.<

Ah, well. Should be able to pay back the first one... uh... next year. Or the next. By which time... sigh. Better not to think about it. ;)

Finished my RotK/Halloween costume! Well. Finished the cloak, finished the chemise; all that remains of the dress is to fiddle with the neckline a bit; it's a bit gap-ey and sack-like. Just fiddling. But I'm letting Mum do it 'cause I've got an essay due tomorrow and in any case my brain is now vibrating with the sound of the sewing machine motor. This is why I don't sew so often. Do it long enough and I start going an itsy bit crazy. :P

Got reviews back from last story. It was received well, for the most part, though the NadiaMum clone said she "wanted to know more about the grandmother, because she didn't seem human enough". Not human enough. As in, not sufficiently flawed to validate her existence. Why do people look for themselves in fiction? Why do some people do it unfailingly? Thereby ignoring everything the story is actually intended to be about? *headshake* Dude. The story is from the POV of a five-year-old girl. She's not going to go looking for dirt on her grandma. o.O

Hackass said he thought the story wasn't quite mature enough; said it read too Young Adult. I sort of looked at him, looked at the class, and asked "what exactly do we have here, then?" Not in those words or front of anybody or anything, but yeesh. These are people incapable of correctly capitalizing on opposite ends of dialogue. These are people who had to look up the word "chesterfield". He calls these "adults"? o.O

It hurts my head. :(

I shall wear my cloak on the ferry, and it shall billow majestically around me. Yes. ^.^

(And with any luck, this time no one will threaten to throw Nadia over the edge. ;)

Right. So I have to write a 750-word "essay" (I still maintain that anything I can write in under two hours does not qualify as an essay) tomorrow detailing the use of colour in "Paul's Case". Sigh. References. That's what eats the time. References.

Having far too much fun writing textbook-entries for the Pax universe history. But it's so much fun! It makes me feel like I'm doing something constructive without actually getting anything done, I suppose. And I've still got a whole year to fill in, between January 2006 and the start of Peacemaker in September 2007. But... hee. Writing the Green Riots like a textbook. Hee. ^.^

Ten o'clock class. Sleep now.

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