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I got my bill from the school today.

They're on crack, I tell you.

The Com office called everyone on the entire campus, two weeks ago, and told us to log into the website to find our bills. They said they were going to stop printing bills (new recycling thing... good). I went and looked, and the site said I hadn't had any activity on my phone card for September or October. I stared puzzledly at it for a while - I *know* I used my card last month, and the month before that - but as it insisted I didn't owe them any money, I shrugged and went about my day. Hell; if the school will insist upon me *not* giving them money, I'm sure as hell not gonna argue with them.

The Res Office, however, *does* send out bills. And on *that* bill, it said I'd used almost thirty bucks of phone time in September, and forty in October.


I know I used it, but I haven't been on the phone that much. We don't pay for local calls, and when I call home I make them call me.

I think they're just mad that I opted out of their crappy health plan and are trying to stick me for $120 in some other way. Bastards.

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