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It's Canada Day - and I'm at home. It's almost 3pm. This is all very depressing. It's like someone forgetting your birthday.

Shut up. I know. :P

I *really* wanted to *do* something today... Canada Day's out, as Jen's grounded and I was alone in going and we couldn't wrangle a way to drag her out to the big street parties with us. And I don't think I can justify the fifteen bucks if we don't even get to see her.

There's still *stuff*, I guess. I want to do some of the *stuff*. This is the last big, stat, *holiday* thing that I'm going to see before I go. It's not as if I'll be getting a farewell party - this was my last chance. And now it's sort of flubbed. Nadia and Shan are *working*... and everyone else is probably going to refuse to go.

Sigh. Sometimes I almost (*almost*, mind you...) wish I could actually get cheerful from smaller things. It would make this a lot easier. How do I expalin to them that, no matter what the extenuating circumstances, I want one more party with my friends, and could you lot just stop glaring and weeping for the one occasion, damnit? :P

Well; I guess I can't. And I know I said I'd let them be... but I just don't have much *time* left, damnit. I have ONE MONTH... and I know I explained this problem already... but... well. I feel very unwanted. I guess they forgot. Can't blame them. But *still*... :(

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