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It's raining in my room.

Nowhere else in the house. Just right in the corner of my bedroom. Because there's holes in the upstairs people's patio. And the water could be easily diverted by the people upstairs, but the woman who's up there cannot grasp the concept of *runnoff*. >.<

And it's leaking something impressive. Sounds like a running bloody tap. So I've got half my furniture moved out into the middle of my room and this big clump of towels clustered around the pot we put down to catch the drips. And everything I own is spread out all over the place, to keep it from the damp. That last part's what's annoying me the most. The mess is going to drive me completely insane. That and the drip, drip, drip.

And now the window is leaking too. I guess their patio finally overflowed.


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