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Basic Sociology? Nope, not the Shrub.

"Research has shown that, on average, children raised in households headed by married parents fare better than children who grow up in other family structures. " (Like divorce? Huh?)

Okay. In the interest of general knowledge, I will now break down this argument into its component parts.


Oh. Wait. I can't. Because there aren't any premises. The whole thing is four unpinions, incorrigible statements, and a liberal sprinkling of Crap He Made Up.

Also, "married parents". Means. Um. o.O

The man is the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth, and he can't even formulate a basic argument. o.O

I'm not even going to touch this: "Through education and counseling programs, faith-based, community, and government organizations promote healthy marriages and a better quality of life for children." Why? Because it scares me too much.

"Healthy marriages." Die, you bigoted, homophobic waste of oxygen. >.<

I keep wondering why no one has assassinated this man yet. With so many clear requests... o.O

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