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Dear Governor Schwarzenegger.

Fuck you and your Hollywood-centric rhetoric. Fuck your stated intentions to remove US film production from Vancouver on the basis of "returning needed jobs to California" when we in the Lower Mainland glean about one-fifteenth of what Hollywood makes every year. Fuck your attempt to pull Terminator 3 from production because of the location. Fuck your assertion that *our* lifeblood is somehow damaging your precious economy. Fuck your completely terrifying campaign. And most of all, fuck your creepy Public Smile. Stop that. >.<

We are just so screwed. Campbell's in cahoots with Klein, the dollar's gone up, and now this. Oi.

*ahem* Right. I was doing something else...

(No offense meant to any of my beloved Californians. I plead total ignorance of Californian politics. I just really hate this whole Arnold thing. ;)

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