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*random dancing*

[corny introspection]...dancing, like we used to dance with milk jugs in the foyer of the Save-On Foods. Singing, like we used to break into song driving out of the school parking lot just to get people to give us funny look. Giddy, like we used to have deep, theological conversations over Tazoberry Teas walking through Haney Place Mall and not caring who heard us. Excited, like when we played Star Wars Trivia on the sidewalk out in front of Harris Road Theatre for six hours, waiting for Phantom Menace to open.[/corny introspection]

Excited, like we ran up and down the stairs yelling when they killed Bob.
And then he came back.
And now he's gotten a haircut. (Thank all the gods... o.O)

Daemon Rising comes out on *Sunday*. Is anyone as excited about that as me? And then the S4 Premiere, something we weren't sure would even happen, is on the 29th. I keep seeing previews for the movie showing Bob doing the Bob-No over a disintegrating body.


Every time I see that, I think: It's not Dot. 'Cause that'd be stupid. And it's not AndrAIa, 'cause that was something Lise and I did in the Twilight arc. I can't figure out who else it might be, except maybe Mouse...

...and it's NOT BLOODY MOUSE. Mouse doesn't die. She's not *allowed*. She wasn't a Guardian in canon anyway, just in the Twilight Arc. There'd be no *reason* for Daemon to kill her.

At least, they never *said*, in canon, that she was a Guardian.

NO. I cannot abide by them killing Mouse. Not unless Bob's allowed to angst properly over it for the rest of the show, forever and ever until the end of time. And I know they wouldn't let him. So; no dead Mouses.

But then; who is it?!

This is gonna kill me, isn't it?

Harry Potter comes out on Friday. :D This weekend's gonna rock.


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Nov. 13th, 2001 05:13 pm (UTC)
*dies from spoiler overload*
Nov. 13th, 2001 05:53 pm (UTC)
Re: ...
Ack! I wasn't spoilering, was I? I couldn't have been, 'cause I haven't *seen* it yet... *mutters*
Don't die. Not before you've *seen* it, silly... if you see it, then you can die happy. Otherwise... *shakes head* No, that wouldn't do at all.

I was just ranting about the previews they keep showing on YTV. Is it coming out there, this weekend? I keep yelling at the TV and my floormates think I'm batty.

They're right; but that's not the point. ;)

My brain's going to be on overdrive from the things that are premiering Friday to Sunday
that I don't know how I'll remember it
all... and I have this nasty feeling that *all* of it is going to make me want to write fic... o.O

...which I can't do, I have a paper due on Friday... I have to write that *instead* of Harry Potter/ReBoot/X-Files/ReBoot fic... and I should *definitely* not be writing said fic in class. *Or* B5 fic, damnit...

I don't sound very convincing, do I?
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