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Have had three midterms now. Kicked the asses of the first two (Geography and Philosophy). Had the third tonight, think I mostly kicked its ass as well, though it was History and I'm not sure how I did on the map question. :( But! I got an A on the debate - the re-enactment of the Versailles conference where I was Britain - and got an A on my first paper. Yay. :)

The other two classes haven't got midterms. I don't think. Maybe English. Hmm. Anyway, only one more if so. *beam*

It's raining. It's raining so much that running from the car to the house my green folder melted. Or. Disintigrated. Something. Now it's my vaguely-folder-shaped-carrier-for-paper-ironically-pressed-of-green-tinted-paper-pulp.

I'm sure there was a point to that. Can't remember what it was. o.O


...Rain. ^.^

Day after tomorrow is Nadia Day. Tomorrow is My Two Favourite Classes Day. And I think I successfully disproved one of the arguments in the Philosophy textbook. (He gives extra marks for that. ;) Oh, Dan? Naylor? Says "tell him hi back". So. Hi. :)

*repeat beam* Tea.

EDIT: We cleared off the sewing machine/table-thingy in the living room! It now looks as if everything on top of it was intentionally placed there. And one whole wall looks... good. With Things on it. And Stuff. The opposite wall is still glaringly blank, but we'll work on that. It looks like a room! :)

Shush, you. :P

SECOND EDIT: The nice man (still don't know his name) came today and fixed our toilet! It now flushes without the need of extensive intervention. And while he was at it, he fixed the sink faucet, so it no longer sprays! Yay. ^.^

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