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Bloody coup. I can see it coming.

Yesterday, I was at the bank, and a crusty old man asked me, in reference to the "Reduce Tuition Fees" button on my backpack, "Are you some kind of Communist? Don't you think students should have to pay for their goods like everyone else?"

I looked at him sort of askance, realized that he'd probably voted Liberal, and replied: "I don't think that's really the point. I just don't think that stabilizing the economy should be accomplished by gouging people with no meaningful income to begin with."

He glared at me in a redneck sort of way and walked off. *headshake*

Y'know, I'm all for stabilizing the economy. But why don't we take out this "expedient solution" on people who actually *have* money? Like... jacking up our environmental penalties and ripping the funds for paying off the deficit out of companies who deserve the pain? And while we're at it, expropriate Burns Bog. Yeah. *firm nod*

I could never be in politics. I'd be a dictator. ;)

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