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I'm not seeing it. You can't make me.

(I'd have linked a picture, but I couldn't find one. Then again, maybe I've traumatised you people enough for one morning night. Seeing it once was bad enough. *shudder*)

"The new Catwoman costume premiered in Time Magazine this week, attracting a lot of fur-flying remarks from fans. Halle Berry says that Catwoman is *not* Superman, she's not out to save the world - she's out to save herself. Obviously by dressing like a bad Vegas Fetish stripper. *shudder*" -- Jonathan Llyr, Hypaspace

(I <3 Jonathan Llyr. ;)

She may not *be* Superman, but the real Catwoman knows she's got to share a Universe with the guy, and as an Unaffiliated she doesn't have the time or energy to both sport a nasty costume just because *and* keep enough snotty comebacks on hand as response to his Disapproving Stares. Batman wouldn't notice, having the hots for her, but Halle Berry's too good for Catwoman's *own* universe. Please make her go away and leave my comicverses alone... *whimper*

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