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1. What's your full name, and is there any reason that you were named that by your parents?

Arien Megan MacLeod Crossby
My first name is out of the Silmarillion, 'cause both my parents are Tolkien nuts. My sisters have pretty weird names, too. I don't know why I got Megan - probably because it's a Gaelic name. Same reason I got MacLeod - my mum kept her name when she married.

2. Speaking of your parents, how do you resemble them, in body and in deed?

People say I look like my mum; I don't know that that's true. I think I look more like my great-grandma on my mum's side. Build I think I get from my mum. I've got her short muscly legs, muscly arms, narrow waist but big hips. That build, however, might have something to do with the fact that I've been in dance since I was three, and my mum used to be a ballet teacher. I have my dad's hair type, but I got my mum's colour - dad's is brown and curly, mine has more red in it and is only curly when it's short. And everyone in my family is pale and freckly (except my youngest sister, who got *all* the one-eighth-Romany from my dad's side; she's dark and willowy, not like the rest of us, and *tans*! - Mum says I get the shape of my eyes from my dad's dad), probably from my mum's side, somewhere. No idea where my sister and I got green eyes - Mum and Dad have blue and brown, respectively, and my other sister has this really creepy shade of blue. Got my temper from my Dad, (unfortunately) and my creativity from both of them. And the way I talk has a lot to do with them - Mum was a drama major in college, I think, so she's very... deep. Get my frankness from my mum. Dad's British, so I have a tendency to over-pronounce my words and be a grammar Nazi, and my friend Carolyn says I use British inflections without the accent... which must be really weird to listen to, come to think of it...

3. Look at your left hand. In twenty to thirty words, describe it.

Uhm... do ellipses count as words?
It's... um... little. And really pale. Short, sort of stubby fingers. And I've got two rings on it. And... there's a scar on the wrist just above the heel, from the time a chainlink fence viciously attacked me. Two rings, one silver sorta filigree and the other abalone and silver.

4. What are you wearing today? And why?

Jeans and a t-shirt, and a grey sweater. And big fluffy socks. 'cause they're the first things that came to hand. Also, given that there's snow outside, seemed more practical than shorts and a tank-top. :)

5. How many serious romantic relationships have you had? If none, do you think your life would be much different having had one? If you have, how would your life be different without them?

*sighs* There's not enough space here for this... there've been a few; I guess... four, but they were all quite short-lived (which I guess makes them more *intense* than serious), except one that lasted four years but was only sort-of a "relationship" in that sense, except at the very end. That one made me a much stronger person, smarter, tougher, anyway, if only because of how it ended. Without the rest... I think I'd have somewhat less angst.

6. Have you ever been temporarily or permanently rendered physically incapable of actions you once took for granted? How, and what did you do about it?

Um... not really. Worst I've ever had are sprains and bruises. Did manage once to give my knee a really unpleasant smashing in dance, and that still gets sore if I sit still or fail to exercise for long periods, but it never rendered me really unable to do anything.

7. Give me three words - a noun, an adjective, and a verb - that tell me something about how your morning today has gone.

Basement: where I live, full of drunken idiots.
Loud: playing deep-base rap music at 9:30 in the morning is *not* the way to make friends...
Plotting: tentative plans to quietly assassinate the entire building if they don't let me move soon... ;)

8. Have you ever had major surgery? Defining "major" as having part of you cut open and closed up again. When and why?


9. How much of your paycheck do you spend on yourself? What do you usually spend it on?

I usually spend too much on stuff I can't afford. Often, books, and sometimes clothes, because there's no thrift stores here, otherwise it wouldn't be a problem...

10. Finally, what do you feel you are missing?

Home. Stability. Temperate weather. My dogs. My sisters (weird... ;). My friends. Japanese food. Anime. Babylon 5. UPN. Having a kitchen at my disposal...

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