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Feel my scorn, Maximum Word Count. >.

Last creative writing was handing in the short stories - I actually handed it in the class before, as an early submission, and so, of course, he decided to workshop mine first. By itself. o.O

Today was almost entirely devoted to discussing my story as a group, my identity as the author secret until the very end. Most people (the smart people ;) liked it, made useful comments about the style, about how if you don't pay close attention while reading some of the characters run together (of which I was aware because I had tags and things for the characters in the story but with the maximum word count I had to take them out - and with which I also had issues while writing because as they were based on real people that I knew, I had to keep reminding myself that random strangers would be reading it and might *not* be able to fill in certain details ;). One guy said the title was his favourite part. Yay! I was hoping someone would pick up on that. :D (We'll forget for a moment that I haven't already changed the title.) And a couple of people were all "oooh" over the present-tense/past-tense/present-tense thing. Hee.

The rest of the class - about four people in it, anyway - were... um... in the interest of expediency, I'm just going to say stupid. As in "I don't even understand why you're in this class". One person actually said they "didn't understand why they were so harsh to Avra", and another said "I don't get why they were so upset - if one of my friends said something like that, I wouldn't be that angry". Oooh, so tempted at that point - you can't be pissed about homophobia if you're not gay? Oooh... *mutter* These opinions, however, co-incided with the four or five students whose efforts in this class have, thus far, been... sad. Bloody mundanes. *headshake*

Ah, well. They don't know any better, I guess. The only people who knew it was a real occurrence were those in my own group, Jamie and Ross - and only because they unmasked me in the private group discussion before he opened it up to a class. Afterward, I found myself having to explain the concept of intellectual honour to the mundane boy with the blingbling. Oi. o.O

Some of these people... and the first one, who said it was too harsh? Nadia, it was your mother, I swear. But darker hair and no glasses. So. Very. Scary. I'm going to have to start watching my back in there...

...anyway. The people whose opinions I actually respect? Liked it. And offered useful criticism. And made intelligent comments. It was received well. :)

Now for next week, and some revenge... *evil grin*

Hmm... history paper. Analytical comparison of two sources, one a monograph or scholarly article (note to self: monograph! monograph!). Minimum length: 700 words.

*fit of laughter*

*ahem* Hrm... yes. I should... um... write this now. ;)

Going home for laundry and theft of food. Back tomorrow afternoon.

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